About Us

BASC, a team of Vietnamese developers specialize in development of mobile apps(Android, iOS), e.g

- Remote control solution for Car, TV, SmartHome by Smartphone and SmartWatch.
- Communication simulator between embedded devices and Smartphone, i.e Headset Simulator.
- Shopping Cart, POS (Point of Sale)
- Social Network

We are looking forward any kind of co-working such as: outsourcing, offshoring, or support team building in Vietnam

Used Techniques

- Mobile: Java for Android, Objective-C, Swift, PhoneGap, Apple Pay API, Android Pay API, Stripe API, Google MAP API, Apple MAP API, Google Message Cloud API, Apple Push Notification, Youtube API,two layers Security, ...

- Web: JAVA, PHP, .NET, HTML5, JQuery, Bootstrap,...

- Database: MySQL,SQL Lite, SQL Server, MariaDB,..

Showcase: Kamote App

Kamote is mobile app to enjoy karaoke from Youtube professionally by your smartphone and Android TV with hot, latest songs and sometime not published officially. Kamote (2 in 1) is setup on smartphone as remote control (Kamote RC) and on Android TV as receiver (Kamote TV), your home will be an entertainment center. Kamote supports any kind of Android TV with version 4.0 or more. Kamote TV and Kamote RC must use same WIFI. It's free.

Outsourcing Showcase: Brain wave application system

Brain wave app: by collecting and analyzing brain wave signals based on the mobile system, it provides a flatform that can be used to develop various application SW and contents for PC and mobile devices

Outsourcing Showcase: Mobile Ordering Solution

Malevia Coffee mobile ordering application: order, pay, grab and go!.

Malevia OMS Order Management System for the Malevia Solution (Phone App food and drink ordering and payment)..

julooMob: Mobile social marketing services

julooMob: has a very good quality of social reviewer network for the results of high amount. With more than 5,000 social reviewers and community to engage, we do all the work to influence your target audience.Through our network, our reviewers create compelling content on their social network page (Facebook, blogs, websites and other channels) for your brand. We are also support the technical data for user analysis and tracking system. So you can decide the exact target and can quickly distribute your mobile apps and services.